Institutional Broking

Wallfort is a provider of broking and other allied financial services juxtaposed with research and investment advisory both in the cash and derivative segment. Institutional Stockbroking business incorporates Equity Research and Trading.

Wallfort is empanelled with 90 institutions, which includes most of the big banks, Mutual Funds and Financial Institution. Wallfort provides comprehensive research on individual stocks, as well as sector-based and thematic work. Research also works closely with corporate clients to ensure a strong mutual understanding of industry context.

The Institutional Sales team has excellent relationships with the majority of institutional clients who invest in small and medium sized companies. We aim to place shares efficiently, using the strength of our investor relationships to accurately assess demand and price sensitivity. Our increasing specialist focus in research also allows our sales staff to add real insight within our areas of coverage.

Our Sales Trading and Trading desks are vital in the provision of liquidity to our clients. This is especially important in small and mid-sized companies. We aim to provide a quality, innovative service which responds quickly to both customer orders and market conditions.

Wallfort also have a strong back office team which supports the trading activity. The direct online order entry system via the FT Net ODIN IOB (Institutional Order Book) system and Bloomberg EMSX are well leveraged by the company.

At Wallfort we help our clients in the trading of shares and stocks by providing:

  • High quality client relationship and strong emphasis on confidentiality and integrity in our dealings.
  • Excellent and up-to the mark trade execution skills by a high quality and experienced team of dealers.
  • Research and other market related information essential for taking well informed investment decisions. Our research desk specializes in covering mid cap and small cap stocks search for manifold returns and multibaggers.
  • We try matching block and bulk deals in illiquid stocks for our clients.
  • We identify and execute arbitrage strategies which offer low risk characteristics

How do we work


We have two well-furnished offices in the heart of the city close to ‘The Stock Exchange, Mumbai’. The offices are well equipped with latest technology and Electrical devices for efficient working. Latest IBM servers / desktops, CISCO routers / switches, firewalls by Sonic Wall and News Terminal from Bloomberg, News Wire18 and live television broadcast are available in dealing rooms for quick and updated information system.

Other IT Capabilities

  • FT Net ODIN IOB (Institutional Order Book) system
  • Bloomberg EMSX
  • STP gate, NSDL and NSE IT